⚑One-Click Trading (1CT)


One-click trading (1CT) streamlines the transaction process by eliminating the necessity to engage with a wallet, thus minimizing trade execution time.

  • A 1CT transaction involves depositing the gas fee authorized for each pop-up wallet transaction into the 1CT wallet. Once the transaction order instruction is issued, the 1CT wallet directly pays the contract call gas fee, ensuring rapid order placement.

  • Balances in the 1CT wallet can be withdrawn anytime. It's advisable not to store excessive amounts and to maintain enough balance for 100 transaction fees.

  • You can set the same PIN code to use one 1CT wallet account across different devices simultaneously.


The 1CT generation process involves

  1. clicking on "Generate"

  2. entering the 4 digit PIN code

  3. clicking "Confirm" to authorize the signature

  4. depositing gas fees

  5. clicking "Deposit"

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