KiloEx Platform and Team

Q: What is a derivative DEX and what is the difference between it and exchanges like Binance/OKX? A:A derivative DEX is a decentralized trading platform that allows for trading of various derivatives. Compared to centralized exchanges like Binance and OKX, a derivative DEX is more open and transparent, as users do not need to trust the exchange and can participate in trades directly through smart contracts, ensuring fairness. Additionally, derivative DEX offers more innovative and flexible trading methods, such as leveraged trading and perpetual contracts.

Q: How is KiloEx different from other derivative DEX on the market? A:KiloEx places a greater emphasis on user experience, providing a more user-friendly and convenient trading interface and methods. Additionally, KiloEx integrates trading with community building, incentivizing users to participate through copy-trading, trading mining, and trading competitions. KiloEx also offers a more diverse range of trading assets and flexible trading methods, such as forex, to meet the diverse needs of users. Finally, KiloEx has relatively low trading fees to help reduce costs for users.

Q:How strong is KiloEx's product development capability? A:The entire team is composed of experienced professionals, including those with years of experience in exchange and contract development, as well as professional traders in traditional derivatives.

Q:What are KiloEx's future product plans? A:We will continue to iterate our products and launch more trading pairs for cryptocurrencies, forex, and stock indices. Additionally, we will develop copy-trading functionality.

Q:Is there any policy risk for KiloEx? Will it be forced to shut down? A: As a decentralized derivatives exchange, it will not be forced to shut down.

Q:Is kiloex backed by investors? A:Yes, KiloEx has secured investments from top-tier investment institutions, including Binance Labs. We will soon officially announce the specific details of KiloEx's new round of financing.


Q:Are my assets stored in KiloEx safe? How is their security ensured? A:KiloEx takes multiple security measures to protect user assets. Firstly, KiloEx's smart contracts are audited by professional security firms to ensure their safety. Secondly, user assets are stored in decentralized smart contracts, and users have control over their assets through their private keys, avoiding the security risks associated with traditional centralized exchanges. Additionally, KiloEx utilizes technologies such as multi-signature to ensure asset security.Overall, KiloEx places a strong emphasis on security and takes multiple measures to protect user assets. However, users should also protect their own private keys to avoid asset loss due to key leaks or other reasons.

Q:What happens to the funds we store in the contract if KiloEx's contract is hacked? A:Our contract will undergo security audits and adopt complex risk control strategies to ensure the safety of funds. In addition, we will establish a risk reserve to compensate users in similar situations.

Q:Has KiloEx's contract passed a security review? A:Binance Labs' security team, Secure 3, and Ancilia have all conducted rigorous audits of KiloEx's code.


Q:Why do LPs deposit funds into Vault? A:KiloEx vault is the counter party of traders. The return of vault is all based on users' trading behaviors. As a liquidity provider of KiloEx vault, users could simply stake USDT into the vault and share 30% of platform revenue.

Q:As a Liqudity Provider, is there any risk of losing funds? A:As a user's trading counterpart, when the user gains profits, the LP will bear the loss. However, in the long run, users generally tend to lose money. In addition, LPs also share in the user's trading fees and gain from the user's funding rate, which will be profitable in the long run. Additionally, as a LP, you can hedge your current exposure based on your own risk preference. Trading

Q:I can't monitor the market 24/7. How can I receive an alert in advance if my position is going to be liquidated? A:The platform allows you to set up stop-loss and take-profit orders, and will also provide position alert notifications in the future.

Q:I already made a deposit to vault, but my balance is 0 when I want to trade and I also can't withdraw my balance. A:Just wait 1 day then you can withdraw your money from Vault. Vault is designed for earn. If you want to trade, just connect your BSC wallet and keep USDT (for trading margin) and BNB (for gas fee) available.

Q:How can I appear on the leaderboard for the trading contest? A:After you close a position, you will appear on the leaderboard if your ranking is within the specified range.

Q:How do I set up liquidation notifications? A:You can configure liquidation alerts in the preference settings, located in the place to connect the wallet in the upper right corner.

Q:What should I do when I met network issues when I still hold a position? A:If you have an open BTC long position valued at 1000U on opBNB and the network experiences congestion issues, we suggest hedging the position by short selling 1000U worth of BTC on either BNB Chain or Manta Network. Opening an equivalent short position allows you to mitigate further losses from being unable to close the original 1000U long position on opBNB due to the network outage. There are transaction fees associated with executing the hedge, but this reduces your overall risk exposure. We recommend this type of hedge trading to protect against volatility and potential losses during network disruption events impacting any blockchain we are operating on.

One-Click Trading

Q:Where is the 1CT wallet key material stored? A:The 1CT wallet key material is stored solely on your device and can be wiped using the "Reset" function at your discretion.

Q:If I wipe my device storage, will my 1CT wallet disappear? A:Yes, but you can restore it by using the same PIN and wallet during the re-generation process.

Q:Are trades initiated against my 1CT wallet? A:No, trades are initiated against your connected wallet.

Q:Do I need to have 1CT enabled to interact with trades initiated with it? A:No, you can toggle the feature on and off as desired.

Q:Can I use the same 1CT wallet on multiple devices? A:Yes, provided you use the same PIN and wallet during the generation process.

Q:Can I use the same 1CT wallet for multiple accounts? A:Yes, you can delegate to your 1CT wallet from any connected wallet.

Q:Can I possess multiple 1CT wallets? A:You can have one delegate for each trading account. It's recommended to use the same 1CT wallet for all trading accounts.

Q:What should I do if my transaction gets stuck? A:You can find a list of transactions in the accounts dropdown. From there, you can expedite or cancel a stuck transaction.

Q:Do I need to store key material on my device? A:No, you can recreate your 1CT wallet and reset it after each trading session. Simply use the same PIN and wallet for signing.

Airdrop and Other

Q:How much $KILO can I receive from one Airdrop Point? A:At the time of the Token Generation Event (TGE) for $KILO, the Points System will be the primary factor determining the distribution portion of $KILO in the airdrop. The more points you have, the larger your airdrop will be. However, it's important to note that it is not a 1:1 conversion; one Airdrop Point does not equate to one $KILO.

Q:How can I get the KiloEx Geenesis Pass? A:You can achieve the KiloEx Genesis Pass from different kinds of KiloEx campaign.

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