$KILO/$xKILO Token

$xKILO is illiquid and non-transferable but can be used through revenue sharing, and in the future on approved contracts providing additional usages. Users can mint $xKILO by 1:1 with their $KILO tokens. When a user deposits $xKILO in our single sided staking pool, they can earn the $xKILO and $USDT for rewards. When users redeem $xKILO to $KILO, users can choose the percentage and time in order to trade their $KILO reward. The percentage will range from 50% to 100% in 15 days to 6 months linearly.
Trading fees will be split between $xKILO single sided staking pool, ecosystem and liquidity pool, all the referral rewards and copy trading profit sharing will be paid directly with $USDT paying for trading fees. 40% of trading fees will go to ecosystem, 30% will go to $xKILO holders and the rest of 30% will go to liquidity pool. All generated fees from our platform including open and close positions, funding fees and borrow fees. The vault will pay profit to traders when traders in the right directions and take magin if traders miscalculate the upcoming price fluctuation.